Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015 - 16 Days to go!!

Hey everyone!

Well, only 2 more weeks to go before I come home. This week was a little tough. We had a lot of appointments made for the week but almost all of them fell through. At the end of the week we had less than 10 lessons. So, needless to say we walked a lot this week. But we still kept at it even though we didn’t have the amount of success we were hoping for. But that’s happens sometimes I guess. Perhaps it could be that because I’m getting close to ending, the Lord just wants to test me to see if I stay strong and work hard until the end. But my companion helped me a lot in motivating to keep going and visiting houses. But now I just hope that this next week we will have some more success.

As for Thanksgiving, we didn’t really do anything here. I just kinda gave a woot for Thanksgiving and that was it. Seeing as how I’m the only American here, no one else really took it into importance but that’s all right. I guess we can show our thanks every day in how we act. 

Other than that, this week has been a mix of on and off cold rains and beating burning bright sun. Kinda weird weather. Every day I felt like I was just constantly taking off and putting back on my jacket. Supposedly, it’s a little more dry than it usually is around this season. A lot of people have told me that here in Espinar, that about this time of the year, they start to get a bunch of rain. Like days where it’s just raining all day and all night but we still haven’t seen much.

Well I don’t really have too much to write for this week seeing as how we didn’t visit too many people and nothing has really changed. However, on Saturday, we set up the Christmas tree in our pensionista’s house so that was pretty fun. But that’s about it for me! I’ll be seeing you guys in a bit!

Elder Halverson

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