Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Sorry about not writing you last week; our internet was really terrible last week and nothing was loading.  
Anyway it’s funny about you guys dieting and stuff. If you really want a good diet just move here. XD I eat a ton and I’m still losing weight.  
Our week here has been kind of slow, too. One day the other companionship got sick so we had to help them out for a good chunk of our day. There was a cool fair for 2 days for the anniversary of the high school here. Each class was dressed in traditional clothes and was dancing. Consequentially, everyone was gone to be in the party. We also lost power here for 2 days which was a little scary when we went to dinner. So basically for those 2 days we couldn’t work after it got dark because it gets a little sketchy. We had an activity planned for the branch on one of those days but had to postpone it till later this week. One of our investigators was talking to a member and she told us that she wants to be baptized along with her 2 daughters which would be awesome. The only problem is that it’s hard to get an appointment with her with a member because she is always working and whenever we do have an appointment we can’t get a member to go.   
But yea also Sunday was really intense yesterday because our church attendance has been dropping recently so all the missionaries here gave talks on the Book of Mormon because we are trying to get the leaders to do stuff and gain testimonies as well as all the members so we burned them a bit and hopefully now they can see why this stuff is so important.  
Me and my companion are doing good together and are doing our best. Sorry if it looked like we were really trunky. XD It was just when he talked to his family they made him a little trunky. Oh, also as far as the other cities go, Ayaviri is like a 30 minute drive in a van and Juliaca is one and a half hours in the other direction from Choquehuanca. But yea, all’s well here in our little pueblo. Also you’re right about being able to understand the people you work with because the people here have the equivalent to a redneck accent but with Spanish.  
Anyway I love all you guys and I hope you’re enjoying the warmth. We had a cold front blow in and it is absolutely freezing here. We sleep in 40 degree weather every night even in our adobe house so we really have to bundle up. Anyway till next week everyone!
Elder Halverson

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 12, 2014 - New Companion

Hello family,

This week not much happened because I didn’t get my companion till Thursday so I just did divisions with the 2 elders left in Ayaviri. Then, for the rest of the week there was a party so we couldn’t meet with anyone and then I was sick for a day. Hopefully this next week will be a lot more productive.  So, I’ll mainly tell about today.

We went to a place about 30 minutes away from Ayaviri called Tinujani. It’s really cool.

Anyway, it was really cool because I got to meet the new zone for the first time. During changes we had half our zone leave. Anyway I really like all the new guys. Both me and my new companion, Elder Davis, get along really well. It was a fun day, though, because the place looks a lot like southern Utah with all the rocks and everything. Anyway it was really funny because there was a river we had to cross and everyone wanted to try and jump it but I just found a bridge to cross. Everyone ended up getting their feet wet because they landed in the water. When we got back we had a skipping competition in the river. It was a pretty fun day.

Anyway, I don’t have much time to talk so that’s all for now.


Elder Halverson 

 Last dinner with his trainer, Elder Nicholls
 Last picture with old zone
 Chase's new "best friend" (Lobo the husky). He says all the huskies are named "Lobo", which means wolf in Spanish. 
 "Working in Compo"
Loading up to go to Tinujani

Chase at Tinujani

New zone at Tinujani. New companion on far left next to Chase.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014 -- MOTHER'S DAY PHONE CALL!!!

Note from Chase's mom:

It was sooo wonderful to talk to Chase on Skype for Mother's Day!  He is completely happy and loving his mission!  His Spanish sounds really good, too!  (But of course, what do I know?  I'm just a gringa...and his mom, which, of course, makes me a little prejudice!)  

Unfortunately, our connection wasn't very good and we had to call back three or four times to re-establish our connection.  But, we were able to talk for about 40 minutes and it was absolutely wonderful!  I was just sitting down in Relief Society when his message came in, "Hey, I'm on Skype now", so I just booked it out of church and ran home to get on the computer as fast as I could. I was so excited that I used the wrong key to try to get into my car. LOL

Chase told me that he's lost weight and his pants are all loose.  He says he just mostly eats chicken, potatoes, and rice.  It's bland but it's least at first.  He says that the food doesn't stay with him for long and he doesn't stay full.  He doesn't like the cheese in Peru and misses all the different cheeses we have here.  I told him of a box I'm putting together for him containing some meat and cheese and I could almost see him drooling -- he was that excited about it!

He's starting to enter the winter months so he's already wearing sweaters and says it's pretty cold except when the sun is shining during the day when it's a bit warmer.  He just got a new companion on Thursday named Elder Davis from Kaysville, Utah.  He says he really likes him and they get along really well. 

Chase said there was some party or wedding going on in Choquehuanca that slowed down the work last week.  It sounds like the wedding from "Bride and Prejudice" (Bollywood version) where the whole town celebrates.  Chase was also sick on Saturday and stayed in bed all day.  :-(

Chase is amazing and I'm so proud of him!  His letters aren't eloquent and he doesn't write a lot of details, but when I saw his face today, his countenance showed the light in his eyes and the testimony that he's growing!  He's becoming a completely different young man and is truly a disciple of Christ!

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

So we just read our news for the changes today. My companion is moving up to be an office worker in Cusco. I’m getting another gringo companion. I’m staying in Choquehuanca for this change as well. This will be a very interesting change though because we have some families that are really progressing. I’m kinda thinking right now that I’ll just be here for this change and then leave. I really think that we will be able to baptize the families we are working with but I’m just sad that Elder Nicholls won’t be here for it. Since being here I've realized the reason that there needs to at least be one gringo in Choquehuanca. I’m really excited for this change and the blessings that I’m sure will come with it. I will really need to work hard with my Spanish now that all my companions have been American.

As for this last week, it was pretty funny. It was kinda like panning for gold and only finding a few nuggets and no gold dust. We didn't have very many lessons but the ones we did have were really strong and spiritual. The problem was that there was another holiday for this week and so it makes it really hard to find people.

I've learned so much from Elder Nicholls and I’m sad to see him get a change but at the same time, he really needed it. I've also learned so much from being in Choquehuanca about obedience, charity, and humility. I’m excited to learn more this next change and continue to grow. I’m excited also for my new companion and all we will be able to progress together. Other than that, my district leader is getting a change and my gringo zone leader is going to open a sector and will be training in his last 2 changes. This change is really crazy but that’s how we progress in life. Anyway, that’s the big news for this week. I’ll have to lead my sector for the first few weeks and it will be a little challenging but I’m excited for the challenge and being able to learn. I’m working hard as ever and I love you all very much. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve here and help others come closer to Christ. I’m thankful for all that I can learn and for all the friendships I've made here. Anyway, until next week I’ll tell you all about the new members to the zone.

Elder Halverson