Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hello everyone!

My comp has left and is now in Cusco waiting for his flight. It’s a little depressing to watch people leave I noticed. As for this week, I was staying in Pucara for half the week while he was doing his paperwork in Lima and then the rest of the week was just him packing and saying goodbye to people. However, I assisted in the assassination of my pensionista’s chickens. XD I got a nice little video of it but I’ll save that for when I get home.  While I was in Pucara, there was also a party so I got some videos and pictures of it so you can see how a Peruvian party looks.
Anyway, as for the changes my entire district has changes except for me. So when I do leave here I will have had the same time here as Elder Nicholls. Also my new comp is a Latino but that’s all I know so far. He won’t get here till tomorrow or Wednesday. But yea that’s basically it. Also, the main reason I want to leave is because I don’t really know the mission, I only know my little sector. But the nice thing is that I do feel like the branch has progressed quite a bit. They are starting to do a lot more stuff on their own. Also today and tomorrow is the Peruvian independence day but I’m not sure if they have any festivities for it.
But yea that’s basically all that’s happened here. It’s good to hear from you. I LOVE YOU!!!  Until next week.
Love you all.

Elder Halverson

 Chase and Elder Davis
 Lobo came to visit again.
 The chicken after all the dirty work was over
This is just how it looks this time of the year (brown)
 Fireworks at the party
 Peruvian party
 More Peruvian party
This is a little clay house I got for only 20 soles (like 7 dollars)

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hello family,

I was able to get some fruit, I’m mainly just eating bananas and oranges; however, we also ate a pineapple at lunch. They have a ton of fruit in the markets so it wasn't a problem to find some. Also, they have a lot of fruit I've never even heard of.
This last week was a little crazy because there was a lot going on. First off, it was a little hard to do work because there was a gigantic market that filled all the streets in Pucara. They actually had to make a detour road for cars to go all the way around the city. Also, tomorrow there is going to be a party in the plaza in Pucara. We also had a multi-zone conference with the president in Tinajani. It was pretty fun. Each pair of zone leaders from the 2 zones had to come up with a game. One was we were separated into 2 teams and we had to figure out how to cross a river without touching the water before the other team. It took a lot of rocks. Also, the president and his wife were on my team so that was pretty funny especially because the president’s wife ended up falling into the river.
The second activity was we had to search a valley that had a flag for every companionship hidden. So whichever team found all their flags first won. All we had to help was a little map with a circle in the area that your flag was hidden. All in all it was a really fun activity.
We also got our first rain fall for 4 months and a little bit of snow today. It has been cold though because it’s been really cloudy and windy. I also went to my first Peruvian funeral this week. The guy was a member but he was around 90 years old and couldn’t even leave his bed so it was his time. It was a little weird though because one of the sisters wanted us to sing hymns in front of everyone. Lastly, on Saturday, we did invasions in my district which, if you don’t know what those are, it’s when all the missionaries in your zone come and contact everywhere for references. So everyone figured out how difficult this place really is. Out of everyone, we only had one actual lesson. Everyone else just didn’t want to talk or said come back later. But, it was still a cool experience.
This is now my comp’s last week here. He is in Lima now to get his visa canceled and is coming back on Wednesday only to leave again on Sunday. Anyway, so right now I’m staying with the elders in Pucara. Today for p-day we had it as a zone and so we climbed the mountain again, just this time everything is yellow instead of green. It’s pretty crazy to compare my pictures from the both times I’ve gone up there. Afterwards, we just played soccer with some guys.
Changes are next week so we will see if I get a change and leave with my comp but who knows what will happen. Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Until next week.
I love you all very much!

Elder Halverson

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Well, once again we just had a normal week with nothing special in it. A lot of people were busy, there was a party, and a giant market in Pucara, as well as the world cup final. It was funny, we watched it in a little restaurant and there were a lot of people there watching it, too. I felt like it was only me, my district leader, and his comp voting for Germany XD even though they are both Latinos. At half time, we went to the house of the owner of the other companion’s house to watch the rest because he has dish. They are actually their investigators as well but the dad was swearing a ton, according to my comp, about the game. Especially because Germany won. They are a really nice family though and he is super good at ceramics. He made me this really cool Spanish looking house for really cheap. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow and I’ll send you a pic of it next week.

I can buy fruit here but only once a week so I think I’ll start getting some on those days. Also, it’s not that I get a lack of food because I fill myself up, it’s just that the food here doesn’t really have the nutrition I need, especially because half the plate is rice. So yea some fruit would do me good. Everyone tells me if I go to Puerto in Madre de Dios, which is all jungle, that I would get fat. Apparently everyone invites you to fruit and you just eat a lot of food that super fattening. That would probably be good for me right now but the only problem is that it’s insanely hot and humid.

But yea we actually met Delia by knocking doors and contacting when I was with Nichols. However we couldn’t make appointments with her for a long time so we ended up dropping her. We visited her again when I got my new comp and then in a lesson we asked if she would get baptized and she accepted and since then she has just kept progressing. It’s still hard to make appointments with her because of her work but we pass by her house every night we can.

But yea, that’s about it for this week. Anyway I love you all and until next week.


Elder Halverson

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Sadly, I don’t really have much to write this week. Seriously nothing really happened. But I’m sure there will be several times like that every now and then.

We are planning on getting Delia and her kids baptized this week, so hopefully if all goes according as planned, we will finally be able to do that. But yea other than that nothing has changed.

My comp now has 3 weeks left before he goes home and he actually got his flight plans today. So yea he is only "a little trunky” right now. We are also kinda hoping that we will both get changes. I think I’m starting to suffer from malnutrition in this place. At least like 3 times a week we eat noodles with an egg and then we just put some ketchup on top.  The only thing that keeps my pants up is my hip bones so I started to use my suspenders that I brought. XD I know I should save my package when it gets here to savor it a bit but I feel like I’ll probably eat the whole thing in a day at this point.

Anyway glad to hear that everyone is doing well. You know our ward will probably end up having around 5 missionaries out by the time I get home. Elder Davis says there are around 20 missionaries in his ward out right now but he is from Utah where they have wards of around 300 people. XD

Anyway I can’t think of anything else to say so I guess that’s all for this week.

Love you all,

Elder Halverson