Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hello everyone!

My comp has left and is now in Cusco waiting for his flight. It’s a little depressing to watch people leave I noticed. As for this week, I was staying in Pucara for half the week while he was doing his paperwork in Lima and then the rest of the week was just him packing and saying goodbye to people. However, I assisted in the assassination of my pensionista’s chickens. XD I got a nice little video of it but I’ll save that for when I get home.  While I was in Pucara, there was also a party so I got some videos and pictures of it so you can see how a Peruvian party looks.
Anyway, as for the changes my entire district has changes except for me. So when I do leave here I will have had the same time here as Elder Nicholls. Also my new comp is a Latino but that’s all I know so far. He won’t get here till tomorrow or Wednesday. But yea that’s basically it. Also, the main reason I want to leave is because I don’t really know the mission, I only know my little sector. But the nice thing is that I do feel like the branch has progressed quite a bit. They are starting to do a lot more stuff on their own. Also today and tomorrow is the Peruvian independence day but I’m not sure if they have any festivities for it.
But yea that’s basically all that’s happened here. It’s good to hear from you. I LOVE YOU!!!  Until next week.
Love you all.

Elder Halverson

 Chase and Elder Davis
 Lobo came to visit again.
 The chicken after all the dirty work was over
This is just how it looks this time of the year (brown)
 Fireworks at the party
 Peruvian party
 More Peruvian party
This is a little clay house I got for only 20 soles (like 7 dollars)

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