Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Well, once again we just had a normal week with nothing special in it. A lot of people were busy, there was a party, and a giant market in Pucara, as well as the world cup final. It was funny, we watched it in a little restaurant and there were a lot of people there watching it, too. I felt like it was only me, my district leader, and his comp voting for Germany XD even though they are both Latinos. At half time, we went to the house of the owner of the other companion’s house to watch the rest because he has dish. They are actually their investigators as well but the dad was swearing a ton, according to my comp, about the game. Especially because Germany won. They are a really nice family though and he is super good at ceramics. He made me this really cool Spanish looking house for really cheap. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow and I’ll send you a pic of it next week.

I can buy fruit here but only once a week so I think I’ll start getting some on those days. Also, it’s not that I get a lack of food because I fill myself up, it’s just that the food here doesn’t really have the nutrition I need, especially because half the plate is rice. So yea some fruit would do me good. Everyone tells me if I go to Puerto in Madre de Dios, which is all jungle, that I would get fat. Apparently everyone invites you to fruit and you just eat a lot of food that super fattening. That would probably be good for me right now but the only problem is that it’s insanely hot and humid.

But yea we actually met Delia by knocking doors and contacting when I was with Nichols. However we couldn’t make appointments with her for a long time so we ended up dropping her. We visited her again when I got my new comp and then in a lesson we asked if she would get baptized and she accepted and since then she has just kept progressing. It’s still hard to make appointments with her because of her work but we pass by her house every night we can.

But yea, that’s about it for this week. Anyway I love you all and until next week.


Elder Halverson

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