Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014 -- MOTHER'S DAY PHONE CALL!!!

Note from Chase's mom:

It was sooo wonderful to talk to Chase on Skype for Mother's Day!  He is completely happy and loving his mission!  His Spanish sounds really good, too!  (But of course, what do I know?  I'm just a gringa...and his mom, which, of course, makes me a little prejudice!)  

Unfortunately, our connection wasn't very good and we had to call back three or four times to re-establish our connection.  But, we were able to talk for about 40 minutes and it was absolutely wonderful!  I was just sitting down in Relief Society when his message came in, "Hey, I'm on Skype now", so I just booked it out of church and ran home to get on the computer as fast as I could. I was so excited that I used the wrong key to try to get into my car. LOL

Chase told me that he's lost weight and his pants are all loose.  He says he just mostly eats chicken, potatoes, and rice.  It's bland but it's least at first.  He says that the food doesn't stay with him for long and he doesn't stay full.  He doesn't like the cheese in Peru and misses all the different cheeses we have here.  I told him of a box I'm putting together for him containing some meat and cheese and I could almost see him drooling -- he was that excited about it!

He's starting to enter the winter months so he's already wearing sweaters and says it's pretty cold except when the sun is shining during the day when it's a bit warmer.  He just got a new companion on Thursday named Elder Davis from Kaysville, Utah.  He says he really likes him and they get along really well. 

Chase said there was some party or wedding going on in Choquehuanca that slowed down the work last week.  It sounds like the wedding from "Bride and Prejudice" (Bollywood version) where the whole town celebrates.  Chase was also sick on Saturday and stayed in bed all day.  :-(

Chase is amazing and I'm so proud of him!  His letters aren't eloquent and he doesn't write a lot of details, but when I saw his face today, his countenance showed the light in his eyes and the testimony that he's growing!  He's becoming a completely different young man and is truly a disciple of Christ!

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