Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 12, 2014 - New Companion

Hello family,

This week not much happened because I didn’t get my companion till Thursday so I just did divisions with the 2 elders left in Ayaviri. Then, for the rest of the week there was a party so we couldn’t meet with anyone and then I was sick for a day. Hopefully this next week will be a lot more productive.  So, I’ll mainly tell about today.

We went to a place about 30 minutes away from Ayaviri called Tinujani. It’s really cool.

Anyway, it was really cool because I got to meet the new zone for the first time. During changes we had half our zone leave. Anyway I really like all the new guys. Both me and my new companion, Elder Davis, get along really well. It was a fun day, though, because the place looks a lot like southern Utah with all the rocks and everything. Anyway it was really funny because there was a river we had to cross and everyone wanted to try and jump it but I just found a bridge to cross. Everyone ended up getting their feet wet because they landed in the water. When we got back we had a skipping competition in the river. It was a pretty fun day.

Anyway, I don’t have much time to talk so that’s all for now.


Elder Halverson 

 Last dinner with his trainer, Elder Nicholls
 Last picture with old zone
 Chase's new "best friend" (Lobo the husky). He says all the huskies are named "Lobo", which means wolf in Spanish. 
 "Working in Compo"
Loading up to go to Tinujani

Chase at Tinujani

New zone at Tinujani. New companion on far left next to Chase.

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