Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

Hello Everybody!

Everything here is awesome, I'm having a really fun time with all my classes and missionaries. As far as my schedule goes it's wake up, breakfast, class till lunch, lunch, personal and companionship study till physical activity at 3:00 then after physical activity it's classes again till dinner and then more classes till we have our planning meeting at 9:00 then prepare for bed then sleep. It´s like that everyday so days seem to fly by. The only time it's different is when we have our p-day, Sunday and then every 2 weeks we have a proselyting day. My siempres are finally gone. I wasn't sick either for that long either which is good but there is a sister in my district who got a bladder infection so her legs swelled up pretty bad and her knees have been hurting so the doctors think she may have arthritis which is pretty worrisome especially because she is going to the Cusco mission and she wouldn't be able to walk very far so I'm not sure yet what's going to happen. :\
Oh I forgot to tell you this but when I got here I was made district leader for the first 3 weeks which was pretty sweet but just yesterday it got switched. The new Americans got here last Thursday and there are 9 sisters and 5 elders. We had to split our temple session today because there are so many of us. I'm starting to do better in the language. I can understand more than I can speak because Spanish grammar is weird especially with all the feminine and masculine stuff. I'm getting really antsy to leave the MTC though because I keep hearing how great the Cusco mission is but I know I still need to learn more but I'm already half way through my time at the MTC which is crazy to think about. There is another transfer next week on Tuesday then after that we are only here for 2 more weeks and then we leave. There hasn't really been anything super interesting happening though. Oh however our MTC president finished his mission today and headed home and we got a new mission president who is from Columbia which was pretty cool that I got to be here for that change. Also there is a guy here named Elder Meaker who is an American in the group above my district and he is also from Washington but he is near the Canadian border on the west coast. He is a really funny and cool guy though so I've been making plans with him of what we are gonna do together after our missions. This guy is obsessed with sushi and food and for those who watched "How I met your mother" he sounds like Marshal when he explains food. It's super funny and awesome how passionate he is and how he can make a spiritual message out of anything.
Anyway sorry if this is a bit short but there wasn't all that much stuff that's happened. It's great to hear how everything is going back home and I love you all lots! Until next week,
Love Elder Halverson

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