Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

Hello Mom and Dad!

I don’t think I’m gonna try to write in Spanish for now so I have more time to write you guys. Also I don’t have time to put everyone in my contacts list for now so can you forward this to the rest of the family. Sorry I misheard and my P day is on Tuesday so sorry you didn’t get to write me in time for me to read it :P 

Anyway my flight from Dallas had a 10 hour layover so we left at around 10 and got in around 6:30. The lady I sat next to didn’t know English so I didn’t really talk to her. It was crazy when we arrived in Lima though. I was able to find all my luggage and didn’t have any problems getting to the MTC. However the traffic here is insane. It’s like there are no traffic laws at all and they fill these tiny little buses full of people which we got to ride in today to go to the temple. It also only costs 50 centimos to get where you’re going which is less than a quarter in U.S. currency. We took a private bus from the airport to the MTC which was nice and man Lima is huge. Everything is also super close together and pretty run down. They do have like gated communities that are really nice though. It’s really fun here. I have a sweet companion from Utah and he plays soccer a lot and is really good. (We play like every day with the Latinos.) The Latinos are really nice even though we can barely communicate with each other. My district only has 7 Americans and other than us there are only 7 other Americans here. However the others have been here longer. The MTC is tiny though and only has a few hundred missionaries. The weather is also only in like the 70s or 80s but with the humidity it makes it feel a lot hotter. The food here is really good. We mainly eat rice, chicken, pork, or noodles with some side dishes and though it tastes really good, everyone here gets diarrhea. We call them siempre softies. XD The classes here are really good and even though our teachers mainly only speak Spanish I’m still learning a lot. We gave our first discussion last night to our teacher who was playing as a fake investigator and me and my companion did pretty good even though we hardly know Spanish. Our sacrament meetings are separate from the Latinos so there are only 14 of us in the room. It was nice because it was a fast and testimony meeting and it was cool to here everyone’s testimonies. I’m running out of time and I need like 10 minutes to send pictures but I’ll be sure to write more next week. Also I got a little sick from the food and exhaustion but it’s only a little fever.

Love your little missionary

 Inside the Lima airport.
 The view from the bus going from the airport to the MTC.
 Chase and his companion.
 Lima, Peru temple
 Chase's room in the MTC
 View from a balcony at the MTC
 MTC court yard
 Soccer field (which he has been frequenting)
 Chase, his companion, and another missionary
The two American districts and a couple of Latino soccer buddies

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