Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hello Family! 

This week was kinda slow as far as lessons we had, for 1 because there aren’t that many people we can teach and 2 people flake out a lot on the appointments we make with them. However, there are a few less actives that we are getting closer to rescuing and they have been coming to church and a few investigators that we have been working hard with. It’s hard to do stuff with the branch because there are only like 50-60 active members in the branch and they don’t like helping out very much but we are slowly trying to help them get involved. The church building is tiny; the sacrament chapel part is only as big as like one of the overflow rooms in our church. There are also only around 8 classrooms. I think Choquehuanca is higher than Cusco but I’m not sure.

There are a lot of mountains around us but we live in a valley. We also walk out to the country occasionally to visit some people. This week has been relatively warm because we haven’t had any storms and it’s been clear for most the day. As soon as night comes, though, it gets really cold. The cool thing is that occasionally every few days the power goes out and so one day we were walking back to our house at night and the lights went out and so the stars were super vivid and it was amazing, it was also scary though because we couldn’t see anything.

The blood soup is actually a normal thing here. We are working with the Spanish still while in the streets. The only time I talk English is when I’m telling a story or we are in the house. I’m getting better at teaching the first lesson. What we are doing is I start each point and then he finishes it. Anyway we are gonna go hike a mountain today for p-day that overlooks Choquehuanca and Pucara (the town right next to ours) but normally for p-day we just play sports. 

I love you guys! Hope you’re all having fun at home and I’m having fun here!

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