Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Hello Family!

This week has been a bit strange. Almost all of our appointments fell through and for a big part of the week the power went out from a bad transformer. (And no I’m not talking about a Deceptacon.) But regardless of that, we still had the highest attendance here in Espinar since I’ve arrived of 123. The only investigator we had come this week was a mom and her 2 kids who also came last week. She is also married but like most people here, he works in the mine and can only be in Espinar sometimes so he’s hard to get in contact with. The interesting thing about this investigator is that she was an old investigator who the elders had dropped and never before had come. So last week we went to her house to go pick her up for church but this week she came all on her own. So it will be interesting to see if she progresses much. Other than that we had 8 less actives come this week as well. 4 of them had come for the first time in forever.

But to be honest, Peru has kinda ruined dogs for me. I still love them but at least most the dogs here I don’t like. They are mostly super mean and dirty. Even if they are owned by someone, they look like they may as well be street dogs because most of the people here don’t care about their animals. However, my pensionistas' husband is a German Shepard fanatic and he also breeds his dogs. The nice thing is that he actually does take care of his dogs and they are super awesome and nice. Currently he has 2, one a male named Binxes (I think that’s how it’s spelled but it’s pronounced like Been-xes) and a female one named Pastora. Right now Pastora is about a month pregnant and will probably have her puppies sometime in late October or early November.

As for all of our other investigators, I don’t really have anything else to say about any of them because for whatever reason they left or were busy or something and we weren’t able to meet with them. But a few of them are most likely going to get baptized in October. Also, as for changes, I’m staying here in Espinar like I thought. My comp has a change to Cusco and another elder from my district is going to Puno. The other elder that’s staying with me is going to be training but I’m not going to train. So sadly I never will have a son in the mission :T  My new comp that I’m getting is a Latino I think who I’ve never met before but I imagine he will probably be my last comp. However, my old comp from Juliaca, Elder Bordon, is going to be in my zone here so I’m pretty excited to see him again. Also I did hear about the earthquake, a family here has a son in Chile near there so they were a little concerned but they heard that none of the missionaries were killed so they were fine.

But I love you all and I’ll tell you how everything goes with my new comp next week. Until then-

Elder Halverson

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