Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hello everyone.
Well yea not any less cold yet. But still nothing I’m not used too. 
Ok, though, I have a funny story. Back when I was in Cusco there were some members that we would always visit and they were our pretty good friends. Anyway, they had a daughter who was only a year older than me and so we got along pretty good but we never flirted or anything, in fact she would always just tease me and was super sarcastic with me. However, while I was in Cusco, she left to go serve on a mission in Chile. But, she left me a letter telling me that she actually has feeling for me. Also, her mom is obsessed with me and really wants her kids to marry Americans. After I left Cusco, though, I would still write the family and every now and then the mom would call me. Well, about a week ago, she called me to tell me about a trip she went on with her family to go visit a property that her dad left for her after he died. She also told me that she would like to go there with her children in law in the future and with her grandchildren and she told me that she would like me to be there, too. So yea, she is pretty direct to me that she wants me to marry her daughter. XD But yea, so maybe that’s common in Latino culture. 
As for me, this week nothing new to really report; things are continuing like normal but nothing new to report with the people we are working with. However, this upcoming week we are planning on setting a date with one of the children and the mom so hopefully that will go well. Also, we were able to make contact with the dad since he will be home from the mine this next week, but the other elders will be teaching him. He told us, though, that if he comes to know that this church is true that he would get baptized like the rest of his family. But all in all, as far as the work went this week, it was a pretty good week. We also had the highest attendance I’ve seen since I’ve been here this Sunday so it seems like we are seeing growth.
Today was also changes; however no one here had changes so we have just been chillin today. I only have 3 changes left, however, and so I hope that after this change I will be able to end my mission by training a new elder so well see if that happens. But I’m pretty glad that I will be able to continue working with the elders here.
Well the most beautiful thing I have seen this week would probably be a wedding, maybe. To be honest, it’s kinda hard to think of what’s beautiful here. XD It’s all just plains and dead grass and dust. Right now in the dry season, nothing really looks pretty good. 
A scripture that had a new meaning for me this week... Umm well this week I was studying a lot in 1st Nephi were Nephi has the vision to understand Lehi’s dream and then explains it to his brothers. But I can’t really remember super well the things that I had marked but I would say the part where Nephi explains the significance of these things to his brothers and then they tell him that he was speaking hard words against them and he says that it’s only hard against those who aren’t living the teachings and then exhorts them to repent. I can’t remember exactly the parts I was marking or what it says but heck, that’s why you mark stuff right, so you can go back over later. 
This week a different thing that I experienced was using my gray pants with my black suit coat. We had changed our cleaning lady and I wasn’t able to get my pants in time so I had to use some other ones. Can’t really remember anything else that we did or saw etc. that was different. 
This week my testimony has grown more than anything in the Book of Mormon. Because now I’m trying to read it before going home and this is the first time I’m reading it all the way through in Spanish so it’s been a little different than normal. But I’m being able to take out more now than I usually understand. Also for the “would you rather”, I would say a huge van so I could put whatever I wanted in there. Plus it’s easier to pick up chicks in a van than a smart car.
But I love you all and I’m glad to hear that all’s wells in Naughtingham, I mean Kennewick.

Elder Halverson 

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