Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hello family!

Well this week was a little slow. First off on Tuesday, we went to this really cool lake with the zone and the president for a zone conference. I can’t remember the name of the lake but apparently it’s between Espinar and Sicuani and I hear that it is even higher than Lake Titicaca but not nearly as big. I think what makes Lake Titicaca so special is the fact that it is the highest navigable lake in the world or something like that. Anyway, after that, the day after there was a strike going on in Espinar and the members were telling us that it could get pretty dangerous so just to be safe. Then the next day, me and another elder were sick so we weren’t able to go out that day either. But some cools things still happened. 2 of the 3 people we baptized this last week were able to go to the temple in Lima with all the youth only a few days after their baptism. They got super lucky because the ward here can only go to the temple once a year. Then yesterday for church, it was fast and testimony meeting and we heard from almost everyone who went to the temple. Also, along with this family that we are teaching, we were just able to teach the oldest brother and his wife who we had never really talked to before and they committed to baptism in the first lesson. Sadly, they are not married yet so we have to work with that before we can put a date with them. But we baptized the 3 kids now and not the parents because the mom of the family is ready to be baptized but she wants to be baptized with her husband who we have never talked to before because he works in the mine and is only at his house for less than a week every 15 days so it has been hard to be able to coordinate a lesson with him so far. Also, the only other person of the family we are working with is one of the daughters (Sandra) who is about 22 and has a little daughter. The problem with her is that she is having a hard time leaving behind her party life and we kinda lost contact with her for a few weeks but now we are back to teaching her often again and we want to be able to put a baptismal date for her for this month. This whole family is a reference of a member, though. They are the cousins of a returned missionary here. They have been teaching them for about 2 months before I got here but they were able to progress pretty fast.

I’m not entirely sure why the water is so green here but there isn’t really a water filtration plant here. Everyone boils the water before they can drink it and as missionaries, we all have special filtration bottles that can get out most things. Also, as for the baptism itself, it went really well. We didn’t really have any problems this week besides the water not heating up all the way and only being luke warm, but that’s not really a big deal. But we had pretty good support from the ward; mainly from one family who are super strong members here named the Pezo family and our bishop. 

Also I don’t think I was chosen to doing a training on stress because I’m laid back. I think the subjects were actually randomly given. But it went smoothly. I basically just talked for about 5 minutes on what stress is and why we had it and also on tools we can use to be able to get rid of it. Then for the rest of my time, we just did an exercise to relieve stress. But the zone conference we had was really good and fun. I only just destroyed a toilet because I was still having stomach problems from when we went to Cusco. (For Kendall - "Who did this?!") But hey, whatever happened to the Kia? Will I not be using that car when I get back? Hey, I’m also going to read the Book of Mormon all the way through before I go home, too (I just restarted reading it this last week) but I’m doing mine in Spanish so ha >:D 

Now for your questions: First off, I think my testimony has grown this week a lot in family history and the importance of temples. That was actually something we talked a lot about yesterday in church and a part in my patriarchal blessing talks about that too and how temple work will be included in my responsibilities in my life. I’m also super grateful that I was able to go to the temple so often when I was at home and that we have one so close to our house. I really miss the temple here... -_-   As for something new that I tried was a type of cracker that some of the youth brought from Lima. I don’t remember what it’s called but when you eat it, your mouth feels like the Sahara Desert. Just one cracker is more dry than the 7 saltine challenge.

For the most interesting person I met was this drunk guy that was talking to me. He would only talk to me in whispers and had his face right up in mine. He first asked me for 20 soles and I told him I had no money. Then he asked me for 1 sol and I told him again that I had nothing. He then just whispered to me "I’m so hungry" and then just walked away. It was really weird. Another drunk was talking to my comp and was explaining to him in such a weird/animated way of how he got beat up and broke his nose. It was pretty dang funny. I think that question 4 kinda goes with question 1 in this case.

But as for my biggest trial this week, it would probably be trying to stay obedient here. Recently, I haven’t been getting much support from 2 of the missionaries here in my district and it’s been hard to try my hardest this week. Especially with the strike and getting sick but hopefully tonight in our district meeting I will be able to re-motivate the elders here. Being alone takes its toll after a while. But I’m still going and I can only get better.

But I’m glad to hear all is well back home and I love you all!

Elder Halverson

Zone conference with the president

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