Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Hello everyone!

Well, this week wasn’t too special either. We had a bug or something go around our zone but we all got a little sick. I’m not sure what caused it but I couldn’t really leave bed for the first 2 days and then the third day I was just weak from not eating plus my bum hole was like a broken dam. Speaking of which, this allows me to tell you the thing that made me laugh this week. So one of the elders here was also a little sick in the stomach and I think it was Wednesday night as we were walking home from dinner and he just demolished his pants like 2/3 of the way home. He was very distraught to say the least.

Speaking of fires, we also had a little fire here in the outskirts of town. However, it’s a traditional thing people do here each year. Plus it’s so cold and high up here the fires can’t survive for very long. But it still looked cool at night.

But yea with my comp, he had to go renew his visa in Cusco. He told me that I’m going to have to go next change some time to start the work to cancel mine... :/ kinda a weird thought.

Also, speaking of baptisms, the dad of the family we are working with is back in town and so we are planning on putting a baptismal date with him and his wife (because she wants to get baptized with him even though she’s ready now) in October. That’s kinda far away, but unfortunately, because he works in a mine, that’s the closest date we can put with them. But at least we can have a goal with them. Also, with the other daughter, she told us that she wants to get baptized in September so we are also going to put a specific date with her. We also had a new investigator this week. It was funny because he came up to us last Sunday and told us that he had a friend who told him about the church and he wanted to come check it out. Also, he is learning English because he wants to move to Australia for the work of his wife. We were only able to visit him once this week due to the sickness that has been going around but he seems like a pretty sincere guy who is interested in the family teaching of the church. Also, he said that his wife is a member but hasn’t attended for a while now. Oh, and his name is Luis. I still don’t know his last name, though. But that’s about all I have to say on what’s going on here more or less.

As for the rest of your questions, something that made me sad this week is we got word from the bishop that the mom of a really strong family has been apostatizing a little bit. Apparently from what he told us, she has been saying that we shouldn’t go to the temple and has been encouraging her older children to live with their boyfriends/girlfriends without marriage. However, I am a little skeptical on these claims on her. Ever since I have been here, she has only been helpful with us in finding new people and building the ward. Also, she let 2 of her kids go to the temple with all of the youth. Not to mention her oldest daughter, who is our pensionista, has a goal to get married to her fiancé by the end of the year. However, they have been living together for a while now and already have 2 children. But they also are excited to get sealed in the temple as well. To me, it seems like the bishop probably heard rumors and wants it to get verified or something. But if it is true, that would be super sad.

This week I could probably feel the spirit the strongest with that new investigator, Luis, we have. When he was telling us about his desires to learn more, he just seemed really sincere about it and I could really feel the spirit in that lesson. Something I learned new this week was my pensionista’s dog (Benxis) gets really bored when there is no one else to play with him. Normally me and her "husband" are the only ones to play with him but I’ve been sick and he fell down some stairs a few weeks ago and he broke some toes so he can’t really use his foot at the moment.

Also, as far as my testimony, I just want to testify about your little quote [“It’s easier to avoid temptation than to resist it”]. Through all of my personal experiences I have had throughout my whole mission and also through teaching it, only a thousand times. But I can really testify of the strength that comes from that and now it’s gotten a whole lot easier to avoid temptations when they come. I don’t remember who gave this example but I’m pretty sure it was one of the apostles when he said he just got into a habit of humming a hymn when temptations came (however I don’t hum). But it’s true, after a while you just build up a wall of resistance whenever it comes from just avoiding it so much.

But yea, I think that’s all I got for this week but I’m glad to hear from you and I love you all very much and until next week!

Elder Halverson

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