Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

We had a nice meeting with the lady and her kids the other day. We mainly just talked to her to see how she was doing because we weren’t able to talk with her all last week. She is feeling better now and still wants to get baptized which is good. We were also able to visit her the next day with the branch president and she opened up to us. Apparently her husband was a bad guy who drank a lot and did bad things and when he died he left her with a ton of debt. She felt like God had abandoned her and she actually bought poison at one point to kill herself. She says that the only reason she is still here is because she would see her daughters praying together every night for her. It was really cool. On Sunday we called her and asked if she wanted us to come get her and she said she wanted to come on her own today which we were really excited to hear. She stayed for the entire time this week and she really enjoys coming now. So all we really have to do is interview her and then baptize her this week or the next. 

For that one party though that was around the beginning of June I think. I can’t remember what is was for either. It was also on the day we were doing divisions which didn’t really work out that well because no one was in Choquehuanca so we all went to Pucara to check it out. Also my comp has a video of him in Puerto Maldanado (the Jungle) and he was at this zoo and he paid this guy to let a jaguar come up to him and lick his face. It looks a little terrifying but I mean how many times do you get to have a jaguar lick you. 

I haven’t gotten my package yet but hopefully it will be getting here this next week but we'll see. Every time I thing of the stuff you put in there my mouth just starts to water. Also I want some of those cherries. However they would never last the trip here XD Here is something crazy, I now am 1/4 done with my mish, crazy how fast time flies. My time with Elder Davis just feels nonexistent. And I imagine that July will be the same.

Also I know how you feel about getting frustrated with people. Especially here. It’s really hard to not get mad at people when they have trouble doing things that would seem simple in our eyes. We’ve been having a problem like that with our branch president. However they have been getting better little by little. Also yesterday we had a combined meeting and the branch is starting to set up home teaching. Hopefully that can help us with some less actives. 

But yea glad to hear that you are all doing well and that things have gone back to normal.  I found another husky today and he looked a lot like Cusco. I just wanted to go give him a big hug. XD Anyway that’s all for me this week. Hope you guys have a great week too. I love you all.

Elder Halverson

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