Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

I’m feeling a lot better now thankfully. The funny thing is that we had a zone meeting that Monday and so I felt bad about missing it until I heard that it went 5 and a half hours when they are only supposed to be 2 hours. So it would have been pretty miserable to be there that long while I was sick.
This week was pretty good. However, the zone leaders had to talk to me and my comp because my comp and my pensionista have been having some problems. However changes are today and they are pretty crazy. So my comp saw his changes first today and told me he has a new comp but is in the same sector. I still hadn’t seen the changes and so I was feeling pretty bad because I thought that I was going to be leaving Cusco. However, when I looked at my change I’m actually just changing to go to the other companionship in my sector because my sector is shared by 2 companionships. Then his comp (Elder Jensen who is from Spanish Fork) is actually changing to where I am right now to train a gringo. Then my current comp was mistaken and is getting a change to the other zone in Cusco to be in a trio. So that probably sounds confusing but I’m just changing spots with an elder in my sector. However, it means I have to change houses which I don’t want to do because just last change I had to move everything here. Plus Elder Jensen doesn’t want to move to my current house so we are both trying to convince Elder Muñoz to move into my house. But that’s the big news here. 
A normal day’s lunch for us is rice with some form of meat that is covered in a really good sauce and then bananas or potatoes or something like that. We also eat soup with lunch. Breakfast is hot chocolate or Ecco (which tastes like coffee but isn’t) with scrambled eggs and oatmeal. We also have bread with jam. Dinner varies, for example last night we ate rice with milk, and masa mora which is a thick hot liquid made from purple corn but actually tastes really good. Another night we ate a hot dog on a stick with a potato on the end and we just dipped it in either Ají which is a hot sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise. After that we had banana pancakes with condensed milk. And that’s just some of the stuff we eat. Also we eat a lot of fried banana which is actually better than it sounds. Also we don’t live with the pension; we have to walk there but it’s closer than before in Choquehuanca. 
Right now we are kinda lacking in investigators but this Saturday we are doing invasions here so hopefully we can find some new people. Most of our work has been with less actives and trying to complete families. And yes the Peruvians celebrate Halloween and I’m not sure exactly how it is but I heard there is a really cool parade/party thing in the main plaza so we may go watch a bit of it with members that day. Plus I’m not sure for how long we will be able to work on Halloween.
I also learned that Octoberfest is all about beer when I was in my German class in high school. Our teacher basically told us all about it. They also have Octoberfest here and especially this week I saw a ton of people in parties drinking.
Anyway that’s about it for the news this week. I’m glad to hear that you are all doing well and keeping busy. I’m trying to do the same here. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week.
Elder Halverson

p.s. everyone who sees pictures of our family (mainly other elders) all think that the girls are very attractive XD

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