Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hello everybody.

Well yesterday was super weird. Basically the elections for the entire country everywhere for every office all happen in one day. Pretty crazy. Anyway we basically had nothing to do because everyone was busy. All of our appointments got canceled. Also it can be a little dangerous during the elections so our mission president told us that we had to go out in street clothes and without our plaques. It felt super weird.

Anyway we went to the bishop’s house first and my comp cooked ceviche, which is basically raw fish salad that´s drenched in a ton of lime juice to kill the bacteria on the fish. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of it but it’s one of Peru´s most famous dishes. Anyway, after that we basically just went to visit members. Other than that, though, nothing really happened this week. It was really slow with everyone preparing for the elections.

I’ve seen people who clap instead of knock but it’s mostly elders who are from other Latino countries. Here they will knock with a pen or coin or something. However, we don’t really knock doors. Our mission president is really trying to encourage member references which I think is what they are doing in the whole world.

We still have no idea what to do for p-day because I have no money because my comp had to borrow 55 soles from me and his credit card for the mission doesn’t work so we have to wait for our district leader to go to the office to get his money for him. But I think he´s going to do that today so hopefully we will have money to do something today. What we would like to do is go to Cristo Blanco first and then go to some ruins nearby called saxywamong or something like that. I swear every time someone says the name it sounds like they are saying sexy woman. But yea, they are ruins with those giant boulder that are so tight together that you can’t even fit a knife between them. More than anything, there are a ton of ruins nearby to visit. There is also a mall.

I’m actually not exactly sure what all there is here because I still don’t know Cusco too well. Also, I am close enough to Machu Picchu to go there but I want to go in November, December, or January because that’s during the rainy season so it will be a lot greener. Basically there are 3 zones that get to go to Machu Picchu and if you are never in one of those zones then you have to wait till the end of your mission to go. The good thing is that they are good about making sure everyone has a chance to go at sometime. But yea, the 3 zones are the 2 zones here in Cusco and Valle Sagrado, which is a little north of here and Machu Picchu is literally in their zone. However, they only get to go once because you have to take a train to get there and it takes a lot of planning to send the missionaries there.

I hope next week we will have a little more success now that the elections are over. But other than that, not much more has been happening here. But I can’t wait to see conference this next week. I think all the missionaries order pizza or something to watch it because all us gringos get our own room in English. Also here we have a thing called “double dragon”. Basically this is when you are sick and you have diarrhea while you are throwing up. It’s very unpleasant and I’ve had it 4 times all while I was in Choquehuanca. So hopefully Tara never has to deal with that. XD

Anyway, that’s all for me this week. I’m glad to hear everyone is doing well and I love you all. Until next week!

Elder Halverson  

 We have to go up stairs like this probably 5-10 times a day.
 My district eating lunch at a member's house.
Just some cool clouds coming over the mountain one day.

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