Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 - Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty cool. Sadly for Halloween we can’t really do anything but I didn’t want to just pass it by so the night before Halloween me and my comp carved pumpkins. It was funny because it was the first time he had ever carved pumpkins in his life so I had to teach him how to do it. He loved doing it. I have some pretty funny videos of us carving the pumpkins but I don’t know how I can show you guys that. Anyway he now says that he is going to carve pumpkins every year now. Halloween is weird here. People don’t really do much for the holiday. There are a few places where people trick or treat but nobody even carves pumpkins.  More than anything, they celebrate the day of the dead which is the 2 of November (yesterday). Basically everyone goes to the graveyard to give offerings to their dead ancestors or relatives. Then they all party and get drunk. So yesterday we didn’t really have any luck in visiting people. 

Other than that, though, this week has been good. We are just visiting all the people who have dates right now making sure they are all ready for their baptisms. Also, the baptisms we have are going to start this Saturday with a single mother and her son. And then every Saturday after that in November and the first Saturday in December we have other baptisms. Oh, and my comp’s name is Elder Muñoz and he is from Ecuador. He’s really fun and we get along really well. He also is obsessed with music and knows all the hymns by memory on the piano. He also plays the saxophone, guitar, clarinet, and flute. He knows a little of English right now but we are working hard with him to learn as much as he can in this change because we have 3 Americans in our sector and he is the only Latino. Also, yes I can now remember the names of almost all of the people we teach. I can also speak Spanish fluently now and mainly mess up if i try talking too fast. More than anything, I’m just learning new words. But I still have 14 months to improve on what I lack in Spanish.

Other than that everything is going good here. Anyway, glad to hear from you and that all’s well. 


Elder Halverson
Chase and Elder Muñoz with their Halloween pumpkins and Halloween ties!

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