Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hello family!

Well sadly I can’t say much happened this week. For basically most of this week my companion has been sick so we have just been chillin’ in our house. When he wasn’t sick we have been busy going to all the wards in Cusco helping out their primary choirs prepare for a primary Christmas program we had on Saturday. I guess my companion is the only person in Cusco who can play piano or something.

I do have a pretty funny story, though, of something that happened this week. So a few weeks ago I contacted a guy and then Tuesday we were finally able to talk to him. He also basically told us his whole life story and that he has epilepsy and that he has been feeling really bad because of all the hate in the world and that he has been praying to God asking him when the world was going to end. Anyway so we shared our message and everything and made another appointment for Friday. So on Friday when we were leaving our pension’s house, we ran in to him and he was wearing Sunday clothes and he asked us if we were going to church right now. He accidentally got our appointment mixed up with when we have our church meetings. Anyway so we explained to him that we just had an appointment. He then told us that we couldn’t go to his house anymore because he said if his mom sees us there again that she would throw water on us. I guess she thinks that we are the witch from Wizard of Oz and that we'll melt or something. Anyway we told him we would pass by just to pick him up for church but later he told us that he wouldn’t be able to make it this week.

As for anything else that happened this week we just went to the primary Christmas program on Saturday which was good but it was basically just singing. It was funny though because basically our entire zone went to watch it.

As for when I’m going to call right now I’m thinking I’ll probably be on around 1:00 to 3:00 or sometime around there. I’m glad Ill be able to talk to everyone though. For a while I was thinking it might just be you and Kendall or something. But yea the connection will be better, I’ll be calling at a member’s house. Also I’ll be using Skype again. But yea as for Christmas music, I can’t say I’m a fan of the Latino Christmas music. It does not feel like Christmas music at all. But yea I’ll see you guys in a few days when we talk. But until then have a good week and I love you all.

Elder Halverson.

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