Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hello everyone.

This week was a little strange. So it was the last week in the change but it was hard to do anything because basically everyday someone in our sector was sick. Regardless, we were still able to work by doing quite a bit of work visits. XD But a new Elder, who is in our sector, is in the hospital right now because he has a stomach infection. Also, that means I won’t be able to show you the pictures of Thanksgiving we had until next week. :/  Anyway, Thanksgiving was pretty good here. Our pensionista made us some chicken roll things because they don’t really sell turkey this time of year. Also, we had mashed potatoes as well as some really good baked potatoes. Then there was rice, rolls, and an apple salad thing. All in all, for a Peruvian Thanksgiving, it was pretty good. Every time we celebrate a holiday here, my companion wants to continue celebrating it when he gets home. He and one other Latino played in our turkey bowl last week. However, the other Latino is like half American and knows perfect English so he doesn’t really count. But my comp loved playing. Also, for the Macchu Picchu trip, I think I’m going this change. 

Anyway other than that everything is basically the same for me this change. Still in Cusco with the same companion. However, something funny is that Elder Nicholls is now my new Zone leader as well as in my district so that will be pretty funny whenever we do work visits. I plan on getting some Christmas decorations today for my house. Even though it doesn’t really feel like Christmas here with it being warm and rainy and green. Anyway, I can’t believe that Christmas is only in a few weeks. It’s also weird to think I’ll be home next Christmas. I’m only a month away from having a year here.

Anyway for this week, we are just preparing a family we are teaching for baptism so that will be cool. Also we are focusing on contacting with the contact card that has a picture of baby Jesus that says "He is the gift" (I don’t know if you have seen it before) for Christmas. But other than that, I’ll talk to you guys in 24 days :)  

Well, I love you all and like always, I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well.

Elder Halverson

Peruvian turkey bowl team

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