Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Well this week was pretty fun. First off we haven’t moved into our new house yet, we move in tomorrow morning so that will be fun. Tonight we have to get everything packed up. So yea we have just been living in the other Elders' house this whole week and it’s been pretty cramped. Plus we all share 1 bathroom. Everything has been going good with my new comp. His name is Elder Largent and he is from Oklahoma. He is really tall so it looks a little funny with us together right now. Also he has 1 more change (6 weeks) in the mission than me. We actually know some of the same missionaries in the CCM because when he left I came in. Basically this week I’ve been introducing him to all of the people we teach and stuff. All it’s been my job to help the new sisters learn the sector so whenever they need my help, they give me a call.

So this week has been pretty busy for us. Also the work here has been going really good. Right now we are teaching 2 different families as well as 2 other investigators who are all progressing. As for William, I’m not sure what happened to him. We had an appointment with him on Sunday but he didn’t show up to the church in the morning or for our appointment. We passed by his house afterwards but he wasn’t there either. He doesn’t have a cell phone and he doesn’t have our number I think. Anyway, I hope he just went somewhere that day and is back now. We are gonna pass by his house later this week to check to see if he's back. But yea, it’s the same guy I told you about on Christmas.

As for beard hair, my facial hair grows a lot thicker and faster now so I think at least I could give dad a run for his money. However, when I get home I just want to grow my chops back (which will now be so much better).

Today for P-day we did this really fun hike were we had to hike up a small river and then it lead to a cave where there was a small waterfall inside. It was pretty fun, just really hot and tiring. Also I lost my sports shoes in a taxi so I had to buy some new ones for like 35$ :/  Anyway that’s about all the news for this week. Crazy to hear that the Seahawks might win again, that would be super crazy. But don’t feel bad, I also need to start working out too but instead of losing weight I need to gain weight. I think I weigh around 120 pounds right now or something. Food here just hasn’t fattened me up. Well I love you guys and glad to hear all’s well with you.

Elder Halverson

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