Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Well everything has been well this week for me and my comp. Ok, just something a little crazy that I figured out. Both me and my companion are descendants of Jacob Vernon Hamblin Jr. which means you and his mom are even closer related than we are. Just something that was pretty crazy. He also says that his girlfriend is also a relative of him as well.

Anyway this week everything has been a lot more calm now that we are all moved in and everything so we have just been working hard. As far as Josimara and Anthony are concerned, they really do want to get married and not to just get baptized. The thing is that if I have a change in 2 weeks then I won’t be here for their wedding or baptism... :/ They want to get married in March but still haven’t found a good date though. Anyway they have still been receiving the lessons really well and came to church yesterday so things are still awesome with them. This next week are zone has a goal that every companionship contacts 20 families (complete families) for the week. So hopefully by doing that we can find some more people to teach. Other than that we have also been focusing on family history with our recent converts. It’s easier to do it now because there is a elderly couple who are specifically here to help people with their family history so that’s been pretty fun.

Anyway today for p-day we are having a water fight with the 2 zones of Cusco so that will be pretty crazy. I’m a little worried though because for the first part of the day it’s been a little chilly and cloudy so I hope it will heat up a little later so we don’t just freeze are butts off the whole day. Also as far as mud goes, we may not have rain that in itself is dirty, but every time it rains here (basically every day) it brings a ton of mud down from the mountains and get everything super dirty and muddy. (It also doesn’t help that they make their houses out of mud bricks...) But yea, Cusco kinda reminds me of Peru’s version of Seattle. Just not on the coast and about 12,000 feet higher. (The muddy rain comment was in reference to the muddy rain we received here last week that I told him about.)

(In reference to Kendall's new cat, whose name is Ahri) Here is a funny thing that is just kinda random when I read the name Ahri. Ahri is also the name of one of my favorite characters of a video game that I used to play as back home. 

Other than that everything here is going good. These past few weeks just feel like they keep going faster and faster. But I’m glad you are all doing well and I love you all. Well until next week.

Elder Halverson

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