Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 - Transfer to Juliaca

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty good, just a little tiring with travels and organizing my stuff. So basically the best way to explain Juliaca is everything here looks like Choquehuanca but a hundred times bigger. Juliaca is definitely a lot more developed than Choquehuanca but it’s not like Cusco. I feel like the city has grown too fast, kinda like how we get stretch marks for growing too fast. However, here it’s just incomplete houses and roads and it’s really dirty. I have been to Juliaca though before when I was in Choquehuanca because we had permission to come here once a change. However, more than anything, I only know the area around the mall but that’s not in my sector. Also another thing about Juliaca is that it’s even flatter than Choquehuanca with only one hill in the whole city.

Anyway, my new companion's name is Elder Bordon. He is from the North part of Argentina; however, I don’t remember the name of the city. He only has about 5 months in the mission and so he is pretty new. However, he is a really good missionary and we have gotten along so far. I still don’t really know too much about him because we have only been together for less than a week. As far as the ward, from what I’ve seen it seems to be doing pretty well. It’s still in an early development with an assistance of about 100 people. However, a lot of people miss the sacrament because we meet at 8 in the morning and for a lot of people in Peru, but especially in Puno, it’s hard for them to get up early and be on time. However, from what I hear, Juliaca is progressing the fastest out of all the zones in our mission, so I hope that’s true. However, the nice thing is that it seems that they have a lot of people we can visit but the only problem is that a lot of them aren’t in their houses very much.

But that’s about all the news I got for this week. I’m still trying to get to know the sector so hopefully I can talk more about the people we are visiting this next. Also, that’s crazy that when I get back, the ward is going to be completely different. Well, I love you all and I’ll talk to you next week.

Elder Halverson

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