Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Hello everyone!

This week has been a little tough on account that it was Semana Santa (holy week) and everyone was busy with parties or on vacation. However, we were able to watch conference this weekend which was a nice boost at the end of the week as well as the end of the change. Speaking of changes, I have a change to Juliaca, which is in the department of Puno. Actually it’s kinda funny because Juliaca is one hour away from Choquehuanca and it’s also now part of zone Juliaca so I can go there to visit it. My new companion is a Latino who I don’t know his name or anything about him. But I’m definitely going to miss Cusco. Also, I get to spend another winter in Puno, which is freezing and dry down there. Speaking of keeping your nose dry, it’s funny you say that because me and my comp have had really runny noses this past week. Also another thing that’s pretty crazy is that Elder Nicholls is now in his last change (last 6 weeks) before he goes home. I still remember our time together in Choquehuanca like it was yesterday.

As for conference, I noticed a theme on Saturday of marriage... I wonder how that makes all the returning missionaries feel... Lol Anyway, I really liked it. I’d say it was really good but then again that’s also how all the conferences are; I’ve never seen a bad one. That was pretty interesting though that some people would go to conference just to oppose. But what can you do. Anyway for all of us, it was really cool with the 2 talks in Spanish because during those 2 talks we just changed the channel to the Spanish conference and we were still able to understand them and hear their real voices. In fact, the only time we had the translator was for the Portuguese talk. Also, I think the person most difficult to understand was the black 70 guy. But I really like the conference and something new was I actually had a few questions that I needed help with that were answered in the conference.

As for the girls’ cats, there is actually a certain way that you are supposed to get cats used to each other that you could probably look up on youtube or something. But sadly, cats are not like 2 stranger dogs that will just play with each other. We do also have the He Lives video and we are focusing on that message right now and we will continue to use the video as well as the pass along card until this Christmas. But I am definitely ready for an American Easter this next year and not have to deal with 12 gross dishes that's tradition to serve here during Semana Santa. 

As for our investigators, nothing has really changed with them on account that we couldn’t really find them this week. I feel like at least Yosimara will get baptized when they get married and that it also may take a while for it to happen with them.  I think the thing that I’m most tired of about Peruvians is that most of them are not married and yet will have kids that are like 10 years old as well as their lack of respect for others. However, they are still great people and I’ll miss the families I’ve met here. One thing that is both nice as well as frustrating about the people here is many are willing to listen but don’t have any desire to change. A lot of times they just like to hear messages about God regardless from who it comes from.

With my companion, we had a good 2 changes together and we have grown together despite our disputes. We have never had a fight that we couldn’t work out. I’m grateful that I was able to get to know him and we had a lot of fun together. We also have some plans for when we get back, so that will be pretty fun. 

Well that’s all I really got for his week. I made sure to write a little more so hopefully this satisfies your hunger for my word XD Anyway, I love you all and I’m glad to hear you’re all doing well and I’ll talk to you next week!

Elder Halverson 

Not sure what this video is really supposed to be, but it came with his letter and is a good laugh.

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