Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hello Everyone!

I asked my companion about the volcano in  Argentina and he has heard about it but he said there is nothing over by it. But no we haven’t seen any ash over here. Also, speaking of chuño, yep that’s exactly it. Also the feet that smash it are old lady feet that walk around barefoot all day long and never bathe. Pretty dang nasty stuff. I mainly only ate it in Choquehuanca and I now refuse to eat it saying it’s against the word of wisdom. Basically the best way to explain the flavor is like fresh sweaty gym socks. Basically because of where I live (meaning that because of the altitude here) is why it’s possible to make chuño. When it rains, it is really, really cold (a lot of the time it hails instead of rains) but when the sun is out, we are so close to it that it heats things up really fast and will burn you in no time. It’s actually kinda funny because there is like a 20 degree difference between the shade and sun here. Also, winter here is mainly really cold at night but other than that it’s also a very dry season. So normally the sun is out all day and everything is dry and dead and then at night everything freezes. However, it still doesn’t get as cold here as it does back home. But in our room we do not have a heater or anything so we just bundle up all the time... And sometimes cuddle. Ok, that’s actually not true. 

Anyway as for this week, it went pretty well. We received some new contacting cards that have questions on them (not sure if you have seen them). Anyway, we did an activity with them in a marketplace where we made some posters and set up a desk that have cards, pamphlets, and Liahonas on it. We then began to contact everyone we saw. The cool thing about the activity was all the people that were actually interested who saw what we were doing would come and talk to us so we didn’t have to contact them personally. So now we just have a bunch of people to contact. Other than that we haven’t had any real progression with any of our investigators yet. However, we are starting to work a lot with the leaders of our ward so that it will be able to function better. I also did divisions with my district leader this week which was pretty cool. Also, they have a really warm house. But that’s about all that happened this week.

As for Sunday, I will most likely call you at 3:00 or 4:00 my time (which I think will be during your church hours), but that would be good to have some time with you guys first and then later with everyone. But until then, I love you guys and will talk to you Sunday! 

Elder Halverson

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