Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hello everyone! 

Well first off, we got our changes today and I’m going to a town called Espinar to be a district leader. Apparently Espinar is the highest sector in the mission and I hear that they even get snow there during this time. I have a knack for getting cold sectors I noticed. But Espinar is in the department of Cusco and I imagine I will probably end my mission there so I will have spent half of my mission in Puno and the other in Cusco. But I’m excited in some ways for the change but in others I’m sad. This will mean that I won’t be able to see some of our investigators get baptized in this next change. However something funny is my current district leader is going to the same zone as me to be my new zone leader so we will traveling to Cusco together to receive our training. It’s kinda funny, though, because the hotter it gets for you the colder it gets for me. However, I hear that the house there is really nice so that’s a plus. Also my new comp is Elder Hanson, another North American. I’m a little sad, though, to leave my comp because we were getting along really well and we kinda wanted to have a 3rd change together.

That’s pretty crazy though with what’s happening in the states that the Supreme court could do that for all states. But, at least I won’t be marrying a dude so whatever. As for your questions let me think. These weeks have started to blur together and have gone insanely fast so I need to think. Also, I haven’t been doing so great with writing in my journal. 

1. What has been your best spiritual experience this week?
But I would say my spiritual experience this week would be with my pensionista who is having some problems right now with one of her kids and so me and my comp were talking with her, trying to help her out and we were sharing some experiences we had in our lives and how we were able to get past the difficulties. 

2. What have you learned new this week?
I’d say that this week I learned some things about being grateful. I was first off studying in the scriptures on the sons of Mosiah and them preaching to the Lamanites and when they had success Ammon was giving thanks to God. I then remembered in my patriarchal blessings it talks a lot on how I should be grateful with a lot of things. 

3. What was your a-ha moment this week? (no response)

4. What did you do new that you've never done before?
Something new I tried this week... I can’t currently think of something new I did this week but I’ll be sure to try something out for this next week. 

5. How has your testimony grown?
My testimony has grown this week with respects to our leaders. We were able to listen to President  Uchtdorf the last week and I remembered in my patriarchal blessing it says that I should also pay a lot of attention to the council of our leaders so I’m trying to apply some things he talked about. One would be something he talked about with reading the scriptures and how he marks them. Also it was kinda funny that he talked so simply about being able to have spiritual experiences and happiness. He said when people ask him what they need to do to be happy he just told them to read, pray, and go to church. 

Anyway just that for this week. I’ll try to pay more attention this next week so I can say more. But glad to hear all is good at home. But until next week, I love you all!

Elder Halverson

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